Gold F10.5, Hitting down to 5A Tig
Gold F10.5, Hitting down to 5A Tig
Gold F10.5, Hitting down to 5A Tig
Gold F10.5, Hitting down to 5A Tig
Gold F10.5, Hitting down to 5A Tig
Gold F10.5, Hitting down to 5A Tig
Gold F10.5, Hitting down to 5A Tig

Gold F10.5, Hitting down to 5A Tig

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Model No: Gold-F10.5
Classi F fixed shade lens is a professional and industrial upgrade 2x4" lens,  ideal for  low amp TIG. It's built for commercial, professional welders to do industrial works. It has the latest evolution in our mid-priced 2x4 1/4 welding lens line, highly increases your productivity and helps maintain comfort for a whole day when you work on different welding applications. 
  • Gold coating rejects 99% of UV&IR from welding arc, reflecting radiant heat for cooler operation and less eye strain.
  • Ultra thin 0.19", fits all 2 x 4-1/4" welding hoods and can work with cheater glass.
  • Enjoy a low Amp TIG free of flicker and 5A minimum rating. High-heat resistant housing reduces lens failures from hot deformation, satisfies most needs of industrial use.
  • High-definition view for precision arc recognition and higher-level welds. Tefuawe True Color Lens technology with light state 3 allows welders to experience a brighter and more natural view. They don’t have to flip up the helmet frequently before, during and after welds, highly increasing the productivity with less rework.
  • 1 year warranty against quality defect.

— Tefuawe welding lens
— 2 x Spare cover lens
— 1 x Sticker

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 Tefuawe T series F series HAND series
Light Use (Regular current)
100% recommended
100% recommended
100% recommended
  • GMAW
  • FCAW
100% recommended


100% recommended 100% recommended
PAC&PAW 100% recommended 100% recommended 100% recommended
Industrial Use (High current)
  • MMA
  • GMAW
  • FCAW
  • TIG
50%recommendation 75%recommendation 100% recommended
OXY-FUEL WELDING 100%recommendation
Outdoor performance 100%recommendation 75%recommendation 100%recommendation
Housing heat resis. 50%recommendation 75%recommendation 100%recommendation
Not very  Extremely
 Tefuawe T series series HAND series
Lens dimension 2x4.25x0.22" 2x4.25x0.19" 2x4.25x0.19"
Viewing size 3.81x1.37" 3.81x1.34" 3.55x1.34"
Dark state DIN 9/10/11/12 DIN 10/10.5/11 DIN 9/10/11/12
Min. TIG rating Not recommend 5A 2A
Switching time 0.15ms 0.15ms 0.06ms
Sensitivity Fixed Fixed Adjustable
Delay time Fixed Fixed Auto
Mode select NO NO



Hand Sense NO NO YES
Power backup


seal batteries


seal batteries


rechargeable battery

UV&IR protection Up to shade 16


F series, Continuity and Breakthrough!
Consistent high-clarity view, Big step ahead in TIG.


Randomly send different color panels style, only open the box to know the color you finally receive.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Pete Mitges
It’s great.

The shade and sensitivity is really good. The price point fits any budget.

The best lens I have ever used

I have this in a chopped pipeliner and I've been using it steady for about 8 months with no issues whatsoever. After 10+ years of welding I can honestly say that this is the best and my favorite lens/hood.

I wish they made this in variable shade

I wish they made the gold in a variable shade. The color and clarity are great with this lens. However I find that it’s a bit bright for me.

One of the best auto lenses out there!

I've been a welder for over 15 years certified in any process you can think of and a few you probably can't. This is the nicest lens I have ever used; this thing is awesome. First off, this is a truecolor so everything looks like it is supposed to not blue or green tint. The gold is like any other gold lens it drastically helps reflect light back at the source instead of being sent into the lens. The switch time is instant there is absolutely no hesitation to going dark. It's a standard 2 inch by 4-inch lens so it will go in your standard shield as long as it's not a 4x4 or some proprietary nonsense. It's perfect for processes that put out more light like pulse-arc or titanium tig welding, yet it's fine for simple processes like stick or mig. You won't be able to grind with it as the sparks will set it off, but you could always have this lens in a flip up shield to fix this. If you have a shield you love like my old fibre metal that has a flip up 2x4 and you don't want to replace it, but still want a high-end auto darkening lens this is the route to go, I suggest this 100% buy without hesitation you will not regret it!

Karen R. Dailey
Very clear in natural light

Got this lens to replace the one in my welding helmet. What I like the most is the very clear view prior to welding. The response time is quick, and the dark screen is very adequate. Haven't had it long so I can't attest to it's longevity.

James Konoplisky
Seems to work well

First off, I have yet to test this with TIG, so I am rreserving the last star for after I try it with TIG.

I am out of touch with prices of competing auto dark lenses, so I am just comparing to other made in China auto lenses. In that framework, this lens is on the high side.

So far I have used it with MIG and Stick with no problrms

I like that it fits into a standard hood, I have mine in an older Huntsmsn hood.

What attracted me to this was the claim of 5 volt TIG with no flicker; I have had problems in the past with auto lenses being confused by the pulse, when the pulse goes from weld current to background current, so we will see how it goes, and I will updsate afterward.